Know Your Water


Because you deserve to 
know what’s in your water

The first step to getting the clear, clean drinking water you deserve is understanding where your water comes from and what potential issues you might need to treat. Start with the basics here, and then test your home’s water with the help of an Aqua Systems expert. 


What’s your water source?



How to know if you have it:

If your home is located in a major metropolitan area, it’s almost certain you have city water. Another easy way to tell: you receive and pay a water bill.

Issues it can cause:

Depending on the minerals, plumbing, runoff drainage, and pH levels in your city water, you could experience hard water, water with a bad odor or taste, or stains on your clothing and appliances.


How to know if you have it:

If your home is in a remote location and you have a water pump, pressure tank, or well access point on your property, you likely have well water. Another easy way to tell: you do not receive or pay a water bill.

Issues it can cause

Depending on the structural integrity of your well, you may experience hard water, smelly or bad tasting water, cloudy water or bubbles, or stains on your clothing and appliances. 

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How can you tell if your water is hard or soft?


How to know if you have hard water

85% of homes in the U.S. have hard water1. If you often find magnesium, calcium, and limescale buildup on your faucets and appliances, experience dry skin and an itchy scalp, and have noticed your laundry feels dull and dingy, you might have hard water.

1 A look at hard water across the US

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How to know if you have soft water

Soft water is sometimes described as feeling “slippery” on your skin, especially compared to hard water. If you never find limescale buildup on your fixtures and don’t struggle with dry skin and hair, it’s likely you have soft water in your home. Another easy way to tell: if you have a running water softener, you likely have soft water.

Test your basic water quality for free

Testing your water is always our first step. Our free in-store test only takes a few minutes with samples of the water from the hot and cold side of the bathroom faucet in your home and an untreated outside sample of water. You’ll get results about what’s in your water right away, and we can customize a solution together.