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What does a water filtration system do?

Aqua Systems water filtration systems are designed to prevent chemicals, metals, minerals, and bacteria from contaminating your home’s water supply. If your water has a high concentration of chlorine, lead, per/polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs), or bacteria, investing in a water filtration system gives you the peace of mind of knowing your water is protected and purified.


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Water filtration systems vs. whole house systems

Water filtration systems focus on removing specific chemicals, metals, minerals, bacteria, and other contaminants from your water. You can use a filtration system on its own, or include it as part of your whole house system for the softest, clearest, and most pure water throughout your home.

Common water problems


Cloudy water

The problem:
Cloudy water isn’t quite crystal clear and looks hazy in a glass. If you have well water, cloudy water could be a result of rainwater in your water supply. 

The solution:
Filter AG Treatment
Filter AG uses crystalline quartz to remove any impurities and suspended minerals from your water.

Rotten egg smell

The problem:
If your water smells like rotten eggs, it’s likely due to hydrogen sulfide gas. Sulfur bacteria is generally not harmful, but you should still be sure bacteria aren’t present.

The solution:
KDFA and Calgon Centaur Carbon Treatment
KDFA and calgon centaur carbon work together in your water supply to  remove hydrogen sulfide and prohibit bacterial growth. 

Metallic taste

The problem:
A metallic taste can indicate the presence of metals like iron, copper, manganese, or zinc in your water supply – which occur naturally in groundwater or can be caused by plumbing corrosion. 

The solution:
Manganese Greensand Treatment
This treatment controls levels of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in your home’s water supply.

Chlorine taste or smell

The problem:
Chlorine or chloramine is used to kill harmful bacteria in water treatment facilities and in water distribution systems. But if it reaches your home’s water supply, you might notice a pool smell or taste, as well as dry skin and faded laundry.

The solution:
Activated Carbon Treatment
Especially effective at removing chlorine, activated carbon can provide years of trouble-free chemical removal.

Rust-colored staining

The problem:
If your water supply comes into contact with iron or manganese before it reaches your taps, you might notice rust-color stains around your sink and shower drains, on your clothes, and around the waterline of your toilets.

The solution:
Manganese Greensand Treatment
This treatment controls levels of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in your water and helps lessen staining in your home.

Blue/green staining

The problem:
Water with a low pH level (also known as acidic water) is common in areas that experience acid rain, chemical runoff, and environmental pollution, such as areas near power plants, landfills, and animal farms.

The solution:
pH Control Treatment
A mix of calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide can be used to correct low pH and protect your plumbing fixtures from damage over time.

Hard water

The problem:
High levels of calcium and magnesium make water “hard” and can make your skin itchy, your hair dull and tangly, your dishes and clothing hard to clean, and your faucets and fixtures stained with limescale deposits.

The solution:
Water Softener
Aqua Systems water softeners use an ion exchange process to remove calcium and magnesium so your water is more hydrating and no longer leaves scaly deposits on you and your home. 

Test your basic water quality for free

Testing your water is always our first step. Our free basic water quality test only takes a few minutes with samples of the water from the hot and cold side of the bathroom faucet in your home and an untreated outside sample of water. You’ll get results about what’s in your water right away, and we can customize a solution together.

Why Aqua Systems?

We’re your neighborhood water experts, literally. That means we know what you need to perfect your whole home’s water, and we care as much about getting it right as we would for our own home. What’s more, you can trust our knowledgeable professionals will provide a hassle-free experience, clear pricing, quality products, unbeatable warranties, and 90-day risk free money back guarantee. 

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