Water Softener Salt Pick-Up & Delivery



Aqua Systems Water Softener Services

Home water softeners use salt in the ion exchange process to target and flush out the calcium and magnesium molecules that make water “hard.” To make your water softener maintenance easy, Aqua Systems provides premium salt cubes for pick-up or delivery.  



Your water softener salt options 



Water Softener Salt Drive Thru Pick-Up 
Replenish your salt supply without leaving your car. Simply pull up to your pick-up location, pay for your order from your car, and we’ll load in your salt bags for you. 

Drive Thru Details
3832 E Dupont Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46825
Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-2pm


Water Softener Salt Delivery
No time to pick-up? No problem. Your Aqua Systems team will deliver premium water softener salt right to your home and load it into your tank for you. Contact us to schedule a delivery.

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Your local water softener salt options

The following salt products are available in your area. Contact your local Aqua Systems experts for specific pricing information.

  • Aqua Systems Premium Salt Cubes (40 lb. bag) 

  • Aqua Systems Premium Salt Cubes with Red Out (40 lb. bag) 

  • Solar Salt (40 lb. bag) 



Why choose Aqua Systems for your water softener salt? 

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High Purity Salt

Aqua Systems salt is typically 99.8% pure and free of binding components that can clump up in your tank. You can use Aqua Systems salt with any water softener.

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Compacted Design

Aqua Systems salt is pre-compacted into extra-hard cubes so that it will not break down inside your brine tank before it has the chance to do its job.

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No Salt Tank Cleaning

Aqua Systems salt cubes contain none of the insolubles that can accumulate as sludge in your salt tank. That means you never need to worry about cleaning your tank.