Drinking Water Systems

PureChoice Central Reverse Osmosis

The PureChoice Central reverse osmosis drinking water system was designed to send good, clean drinking water to multiple locations in your home. Feed multiple sinks, wet bars, humidifiers, and even the garage to provide a spot free rinse for your cars.


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Warranty Coverage

5 Year
Labor Warranty
5 Year
Service Warranty
5 Year
Parts Warranty
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Drinking Water Systems

Enjoy purified drinking water in multiple locations within the home

High Capacity

The high capacity output of the PureChoice RO ensures your family will always have quality drinking water. It can purify up to 100 gallons of water per day, which suits the needs of any family.

Extended Purifications

The PureChoice Central features a 5-stage water purification process and a 3-stage pre-filter application for extended purification.

Multiple Locations

With multiple faucets and a booster pump, the PureChoice sends purified water to multiple locations throughout the home from one centralized location.

Pure H2O

Purify your water at the molecular level for a lifetime of quality water.

PureChoice Central

Product Details

    Purified Water to Multiple Locations in the Home
  • Designed to provide good, clean water to multiple sinks, wet bars, humidifiers, etc. so all the home's water is purified.
  • Large Six-Gallon Storage Tank
  • The included storage tank holds six gallons of water, providing ample capacity to feed multiple locations in your home.
  • Chrome Faucets
  • The included chrome faucets are stylish and provide a steady flow of clean water.
  • High-Output Booster Pump
  • An included high-output booster pump provides optimal water pressure to multiple locations in the home.
  • Suitable for Any Water
  • Perfect for city water or well water.
  • Pump with Icemaker Connection
  • A permeate pump is included with an icemaker connection to provide clean, pure ice cubes from a refrigerator icemaker.
  • Simple Design
  • The precision-engineered manifold creates a clean, well-organized system that fits easily under the sink. No messy tubes, no complicated hookups. 
  • Swappable Parts
  • With our modular design, every part is removable and replaceable. Maintenance is easy, and you’ll never need to replace the whole system.
  • Lead Removal
  • PureChoice System is 100% tested and certified to NSF and ANSI standards.
  • 4 Stage Purification
  • Water enters a four stage purification process inside the PureChoice to remove impurities, tastes and odors.