Common Hard Water Issues


When local tap water contains higher-than-normal levels of calcium and magnesium, the water is classified as “hard.” This means there are more minerals in your water than normal, and those extra minerals can cause real problems around the house. 85% of homes in the United States have hard water1. That means there’s an 85% chance you’re living in an area where your tap water is slowly taking its toll on your body and your home.


Problems hard water can cause

The costs of hard water


Problems that masquerade as hard water

Hard water isn’t always to blame. Many home water issues present similar characteristics to hard water, which makes testing your water extra important. If you have well water, minerals such as iron, manganese, zinc, and more can cause your water to smell, taste, and feel different. Even city water can cause scale and mineral buildup due to old pipes or unbalanced pH levels. Whatever’s causing your water issues, there’s an Aqua Systems solution to get you the water you deserve.

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Test your basic water quality for free

Testing your water is always our first step. Our free in-store test only takes a few minutes with samples of the water from the hot and cold side of the bathroom faucet in your home and an untreated outside sample of water. You’ll get results about what’s in your water right away, and we can choose a solution together.

Ready to be done with hard water for good?

Aqua Systems water softeners remove hardness minerals to make your water easier on you, your appliances, and your clothing. Plus, your system is modular, which means the parts are easy to service and replace. That means your Aqua Systems water softener is the last water softener you’ll have to buy for your home.

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