Drinking Water Systems

Clear Solutions Drinking Water System

Clear Solutions is an under-counter chemical reduction drinking water system. Its high flow rate of 1.25 gallons per minute efficiently removes contaminants like Chlorine, Cysts, lead and MTBE and provides fresh, great-tasting, odorless water from your tap.


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Warranty Coverage

1 Year
Labor Warranty
1 Year
Service Warranty
1 Year
Parts Warranty
Drinking Water Systems

Under-counter high flow filtration system

High Flow

Reducing chemicals in your drinking water is vital, but if the flow of the faucet is at a trickle, it's going to be frustrating. The Clear Solutions system has a high flow so you can fill your glass and move on with your day.

Quick-Change Filter Cartridge

Exclusive cartridge provides a quick and clean method for swapping filters; with no tools required.

Installs Right to Your Tap

Installation kit provides simple inline connection right to your tap for easy, pure water.

Large Capacity

Each filter can purify over 650 gallons of water, which is about one whole year of use for most households.

Clear Solutions

Product Details

    Filters Out Chemicals
  • Filters out Chlorine, Chloramines, Lead, MTBE, Cysts, and turbidity for clean, pure drinking water.