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Find the Exact Water Treatment for Your Household

Hard water. Soft water. Iron. pH. The best way to understand your home’s water quality and contents is to test it. At Aqua Systems, we always start with a quick and easy water quality test, so we can recommend exactly the right water treatment system for you.


How it Works:
Aqua Systems Water Test

The Aqua Systems water quality test evaluates hardness, iron, total dissolved solids, and pH levels.

Our free in-store test only takes a few minutes. First, we gather water samples from the hot and cold side of your bathroom faucet and an untreated outside sample of water. Alternatively, you can bring the samples to your local Aqua Systems location (any empty, clean jar, sports bottle, or similar container works great). We add the testing agent(s) to the water sample and within a few minutes, you’ll have your results. 

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Additional Testing:
At-Home Kits

If you want to dig even deeper into what’s in your water, you can purchase a third-party lab kit for in-home testing for lead, bacteria, PFAs, city water contents, well water contents, and more. While these tests are more comprehensive, they also require more processing time between purchase and final results.

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DIY Hard Water Test

If you’re not sure whether your home has hard or soft water and want to find out quickly, you can do an easy hard water test at home. Fill a clean, empty bottle (with a lid or cap) with tap water up to one-third full. Add one to three drops of liquid dish soap. Put the lid or cap on the bottle and shake it thoroughly for five seconds. Look at the contents of the bottle. If there are lots of bubbles, your water is likely soft. If there aren’t many bubbles and/or the water looks cloudy, your water is likely hard.



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