Water Softeners

SmartChoice II Water Softener

The SmartChoice™ II water softener operates efficiently with low power consumption, high salt efficiency, and an energy-saving auto turn-off display. Advanced electronics provide extensive information about water usage and can even help identify plumbing leaks or other water wasters. With our easy-to-read screens with low salt and service alerts provide information on system malfunction so you can take the right steps to make it right. Provide your family and home with the best in soft water with the SmartChoice line.

Standard: City water homes with 1-4 people, or low iron well water

Large: City water homes with 5-6 people, or medium iron well water

Extra large: City water homes with 7+ people, or high iron well water

System sizing represents estimates only. Actual equipment recommended by your water expert will consider many factors such as the quality of your water, line size, occupancy, water usage, water source, etc.

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Warranty Coverage

7 Year
Labor Warranty
7 Year
Service Warranty
7 Year
Parts Warranty
Salt Tank Warranty
Mineral Tank Warranty
Exchange Program
Water Softeners

Modular components and unbeatable warranties

Energy Efficient

High-efficiency technology minimizes how much salt and water you use, and operates on ultra low power consumption. Water softening is based on how much water you use.

Smart Technology

The smart control valve learns your home's water usage over time, so the softener only regenerates when it needs to - thus saving energy, water, and salt.

Strong Warranties

It may be years before you need it, but the SmartChoice product line offers the strongest warranties in the industry. And after the warranty is up, you can always take advantage of our component exchange program.

Easy Maintenance

Each part is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. If a part breaks, bring it to us for an exchange rather than buying a whole new softener.

Modular design

Our SmartChoice water softener line features modular, exchangeable parts, making it the last softener you'll ever need to buy. Rather than replacing the whole system, bring us the part you need and we'll exchange it.

SmartChoice II

Product Details

    Exchangeable Components
  • SmartChoice components are easily separated, allowing for a simple exchange - rather than needing to buy a whole new system.
  • Lithium Battery Backup
  • For peace-of-mind, this softener is equipped with a backup battery, so your water will be soft even in the case of power outage.
  • Color-Coded Screens and Alerts
  • Easy-to-read screens with low salt and service alerts provide information on system malfunction so you can take the right steps to make it right.
  • Non-Corrosive Materials on All Parts
  • Non-corrosive materials are used to ensure a long lifetime of use on your investment.
  • Regeneration Based on Usage
  • Regeneration of the system is based on water usage so you know you're regenerating when the time is right and when the system really needs it.
  • Vortech™ Technology
  • Patented Vortech™ technology extends life and performance of media bed.
  • In Home Installation
  • When you buy a softener, we'll install it in your home. Have peace of mind that your water softener is installed correctly and working properly.