Problem Water Systems

Whole House Carbon Filter

This whole house carbon filter uses high activity carbon for chlorine reduction as well as taste and odor control. This carbon is also effective in filtering and absorbing dissolved organic chemicals such as insecticides, detergents, phenols, and other contaminants from both natural and industrial sources. These filters are also a great fit for de-chlorinating municipal water supplies or as post chlorination treatment on wells with low or no iron content.


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Warranty Coverage

1 Year
Labor Warranty
1 Year
Parts Warranty
Problem Water Systems

Whole house cost-effective and efficient filtration

Chlorine Reduction

Chlorine reduction as well as taste and odor control is achieved by using high activation carbon.

No Electricity Needed

No electricity is needed with the flow through design of the system.

No Drain Connections Required

The flow through design allows for no drain connections to be needed.

No Salt or Chemicals

Instead of softening, which requires salt, this system uses a special carbon media for scale control.

WH Carbon

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