Water Softeners

Series 4000 Water Softener

The Series 4000 line is a value-priced, conventional water softener that boasts a long lifespan and lasting durability. Convenient options allow this value-priced system to fit your specific needs, while many quality system features and warranties provide peace-of-mind for years to come.

System sizing represents estimates only. Actual equipment recommended by your water expert will consider many factors such as the quality of your water, line size, occupancy, water usage, water source, etc.

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Warranty Coverage

1 Year
Labor Warranty
1 Year
Service Warranty
3 Year
Parts Warranty
5 Year
Salt Tank Warranty
10 Year
Mineral Tank Warranty
Water Softeners

Economical Softener with Lasting Durability

Non-Corrosive Materials

The Series 4000 is built with non-corrosive materials for a long life and lasting durability.

Scheduled Regreneration

Choose to schedule regeneration with a time clock or regenerate automatically based on water consumption.

Bypass Valve

An optional valve allows you to easily bypass the system to disconnect for maintenance.

Turbo Distributor

A turbo distributor scrubs the resin in the system for longer lifespan.

Series 4000

Product Details

  • Value-priced conventional water softener that can be tailored to fit specific needs.
  • Corrosive-Free Valve
  • Durable and reliable, the valve is made of corrosion-free plastic.